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Reseller Hosting

Reseller Hosting Plans

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All plans include

WHMCS & cPanel

  • Free integrated WHMCS license.
  • Free cPanel/WHM.
  • Up to 250 white-labeled ready accounts.

Unlimited everything (and support)

  • Unlimited websites and databases.
  • Unmetered bandwidth.
  • Expert 24/7 customer support.

Your all-in-one hosting solution.

  • SSL certificate free for the life of the plan.
  • Reseller-enabled "Cloud Domain Hosting" domains.

Say hello to "Cloud Domain Hosting" Reseller Hosting.

"Cloud Domain Hosting's" Reseller Hosting’s business automation tools provides everything you need to start and run your web hosting and domain business.

All-in-one hosting solution.

Save time by automating the processes and daily tasks to manage your web hosting business. I do everything from one door, all under the same roof.

Your rules. Your way.

It has been covered with flexible tools to control prices, payment and billing options, configure hosting plans, manage support tickets and more.

Give clients superior hosting.

For better performance and greater security than any other shared hosting resale program, go with "Cloud Domain Hosting" Reseller Hosting.

"Cloud Domain Hosting" Reseller Hosting, powered by WHMCS.

WHMCS simplifies and automates operating your hosting reselling business.

Create custom hosting packages based on fully configurable resources.

See your hosting plans automatically at your brand store: choose from dozens of professionally designed templates.

Accept payments through all famous payment processors, in multiple currencies.

Select the pricing options to get the money you want, whether it's buying time, subscription, rank discounts or even free trials.

Receive payments through the automated billing system or payment reminders or book a place service without payment.

Obtain customer profiles, report and foresee monthly income, and paid or accumulated invoices.

Confidently resell high-performance hosting to clients. Here’s why:

It’s fast.

The virtual private server (VPS) hosting platform (with 99.9% uptime) offers a dedicated CPU and RAM for high speed. In addition, isolated resources prevent hackers from reducing the performance of their customers' sites.

Easy to set up. Super easy.

Our simplified control panel allows your clients to create and manage their own websites using VPS (without the need for server administration skills).

Security – for life.

In addition to the multiple layers of security at the server level, any plan you choose includes an SSL certificate (free for the first year), get: the complete life cycle of your hosting plan.

Reseller Hosting specs:


  • Dedicated resources.
  • One-click scalability.
  • Up to 4 Virtual CPUs.
  • Up to 32 GB RAM.

Server Specs

  • Processor: 1x Silver 4116 (2.1 GHz, 16.5M Cache, 12 Cores, 24 Threads).
  • Storage: 6x 1200 GB 10k RPM SAS.

Software & Security

  • cPanel/WHM
  • Microsoft Office 365 for one year.
  • SSL certificate for the life of the product (first year is free).

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Basic Pro

Reseller Hosting


Recommended Use For resellers who have one to 10 customers and want a simple turnkey program to resell multiple "Cloud Domain Hosting" products. Hosting and domain resellers with 10 or more customers who want more flexibility and a single system to manage their store and customers. Resellers who want to resell "Cloud Domain Hosting" products through their own infrastructure and are comfortable with API integration.
Available Products to resell "Cloud Domain Hosting" Domains, hosting, email, website builder, SSL certificates, servers, Managed WordPress Hosting. "Cloud Domain Hosting" Domains and hosting along with hundreds of third- party products through WHMCS Marketplace. Domains only.
Reseller storefront White-label "Cloud Domain Hosting" storefront. White-label WHMCS storefront. Your own storefront.
Collecting payment White-label "Cloud Domain Hosting" storefront. Your own payment server. Your own merchant account and shopping cart.
Management dashboard Reseller control panel with automatic delegation and reporting. WHMCS, cPanel/WHM included Reseller control panel with reporting.
Customer support White-label "Cloud Domain Hosting" support You support your customers. You support your customers.

Frequently asked questions

How is Reseller Hosting different than the Basic/Pro Reseller programs?

The Basic / Pro Reseller and Reseller Hosting programs are customized for different types of distributors and customers. With the Basic / Pro Reseller software, your customers use the purchase interface and the white-label "Cloud Domain Hosting" shopping cart to make purchases. "Cloud Domain Hosting" handles payments on our payment servers and offers you your commission. With Reseller Hosting, you can control how your services are sold and how to bill your customers. Sell through your store and process your customers' payments directly. At this time, the Basic / Pro reseller and reseller hosting programs are not merged. This means that you can not manage the clients that pass the white label showcase through the Basic / Pro Reseller software in Reseller Hosting.

What is the business hosting platform Reseller Hosting is built on?

Business Hosting is a virtual private server (VPS) solution that provides the same power and performance as VPS without having to manage the server. You can get all the RAM, CPU and bandwidth you need without having to be an IT professional to manage your server. Unlike the shared hosting platform, Business Hosting offers more consistent and secure performance with dedicated memory and disk space so that clients' websites are not affected by activities on other reseller client sites.

What is the buy rate that comes with Reseller Hosting and is it different than the buy rates for Basic/Pro?

The purchase price for sellers who use Reseller Hosting is the same as the Pro Reseller purchase price. However, with Reseller Hosting, you can only resell domains and hosting. If you are interested in selling more "Cloud Domain Hosting" products, you must register in the Basic or Pro Hosting reseller Program.

Does Reseller Hosting include the white-label storefront that comes with the Basic/Pro Reseller Hosting?

Sorry, it does not mean hosting a reseller who wants to have more control over what they sell and how they sell it and how they pay their customers. Vendors who use the reseller hosting service sell their products and the packages they create in their store, then bill or process customer payments directly using their merchant accounts or payment portals.

With Reseller Hosting, who will provide customer service to my customers?

As a reseller in Reselling Hosting, you will provide your expert customer service.